Electro Hydraulic Scissor Lift


    Widely used to transfer material from one floor to another. It is to be installed with / without wall support can be used for loading & unloading purpose.

    Specification :

  • UDL Capacity available 500 kgs - 1500kgs.
  • Platform size is maximum 2000X2000mm.
  • Lift height is available up to 10.0M.
  • Multiple types of gates available like regular type collapsible gate, Bellow type collapsible gate, safety cross bar.
  • Interlocking safety – Like Electromechanical door locks at each floors / landing doors so operator can not open door while lift is in action.
  • Increase operator efficiency, reduces manpower, save valued time.
  • Reduces Human Fatigue/Stress and increase operator friendliness.
  • Improve safety and make the process more systematic.
  • Widely used in Automobile, Warehouse & Logistics Industry.